Make the most of your blockchain skills.

slash is a blockchain-based rewards platform for crypto lovers that let them monetize their skills, share their knowledge and raise fund.

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We are the only platform
dedicated to blockchain lovers.

All contributions will be rewarded with slash coins.

Find better

slash/job can help you find the best jobs, employers and career advice related to the crypto world.

Share and learn

With slash/kb, share your expertise on the blockchain and the crypto currencies. Many documents classified by category will help newcomers to better understand the crypto world.

Raise fund

slash/starter will help blockchain related projects to get attention and raise fund with slash coins.


Full blockchain based project supporting crypto lovers

Find Talent Now

You have a blockchain project and want to find the perfect employee ?

slash/job is your #1 board to find and post blockchain jobs.

Blockchain Engineers, Solidity Developers, Crypto Experts, Community Managers, Web designer slash job is made for you!

Job seekers will be rewarded with slash/coins.

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More than just a Knowledge Base

slash/kb is a Blockchain encyclopedia based on constant collaboration of contributors and reviewers who are financially rewarded with slash/coins for their effort. It provides free, peer reviewed information for all users.

Everyone will be able to get free and reliable blockchain information on slash/kb. Whether you're a contributor, reviewer, or reader you'll be able to enjoy great articles.

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The Blockchain Kickstarter!

Crowdfunding for blockchain projects

slash/starter is using blockchain to help founders and startups find access to funding. We provide crowdfunding for blockchain projects that is accessible, transparent and more likely to succeed.

The slash/coin Blockchain provides full transaction transparency, resulting in increased trust and a higher crowdraise for the founders.

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platform funding

Community reward system


slash/coin is used in order to motivate the users to get involved in the slash community.

To reward the participants we come with a fair system that will start on block 100 000.


16% of the PRE-MINE will be dedicated to create 100 additional Masternodes. The reward of these Masternodes will be used on a common wallet to be redistributed between the involved users.


Assuming that all slash coins are involved in masternodes by then, this allows to get about 8% of the MN rewards allocated to the platform. It represents an average of 800 coins per day of reward split between active users.


The open source crypto currency

slash/coin is open source. Anyone is free to contribute to slash' development and make a pull request through Github. Further details, making community contributions as smooth as possible, will become available in the future on the new website.

Decentralized Ownership

Ownership and access rights are decentralized. This ensures that the long-term application and longevity is not dependent on a single individual any longer. This safeguards not only slash/coin future, but also your investment and partnerships.

Community Orientated

One of slash/coin core value is being community oriented :

The goal is to create a community platform where people can share knowledges, ideas, tutorials & tips about open source projects. A "Like" system as also been instored on the platform in order to reward active members. Look out for "Platform founding" section for more details (start from block 120 000).

Be sure slash foundation team will always strive to collect feedbacks and suggestions from the community.

Speed & Privacy

Speed and privacy are core concerns for users today. To ensure that slash/coin is as effective, slash/coin will maintain a high focus on increasing anonymity and most important on increasing speed of transactions - to always be at the forefront.

Instant Mining Protection

[1 SLASH reward to Block 500]

SLASH blockchain has been set up to issue a 1 block subsidy up to block height 500. At 960 blocks per day, this is approximately 12 hours. Also Masternodes rewards start on block 1000, which means about 1 day from the start of the chain.

During this time, community members will be informed of launch and will be able to configure their setups for mining.

Maximum Coin Supply and Block Reward

slash/coin will be capped at a maxium supply of 21 million coins. This target supports a managed inflation rate that allows for a constant block reward of 10 slash.

The constant block reward prevents event cliffs related to expected "halvings" and will support a more consistent and stable participation rate over a long time horizon.

X11 algorithm

x11 is a widely used hashing algorithm, which takes a different approach, known as algorithm chaining. x11 consists of all 11 SHA3 contestants, each hash is calculated then submitted to the next algorithm in the chain. By utilizing multiple algorithms, the likelihood that an ASIC is created for the currency is minimal until a later part of it's life cycle.


The guideline of the slash/team

It details the steps we have achieved and the ones we still working on. Will be updated regularly.


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